Anybody know if this would be covered by YES warranty The spring lock...


Anybody know if this would be covered by YES warranty? The spring lock mechanism broke so $206 later I have one on order. Would love to save the money if it's covered.

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  • Yea that's the part that broke.

  • No it's not under warranty. Mine broke with in the first year. You can buy the the little spring for about 5 bucks I believe. Assuming it was the spring inside that broke.

  • Depends on the dealer. Mine said if the bimini top has actual rip they will cover it

  • Yea it was. Maybe I'll try again to get the old one completely out.

  • Thanks for all the help. Going to reach out to the dealer tomorrow to see what they say. Worth a shot I guess but sounds like it won't be covered.

  • They covered my roof under YES

  • Danny Adkins I was able to shove the whole piece to the end. Thinking I'm going to try the spring if I can just buy one somewhere without having to order online since I've already ordered the other. Need to get it fixed or replaced because Kathy Cox-Duncan thought it was too hot without it last weekend.

  • I'll share whether it was covered or not after I check tomorrow. Maybe I'll get lucky.

  • Mine broke and the dealer told me it wasn't covered. Your right, it's hot without the top.

  • Yea and we were just out for a couple hours checking out the area but plan to be out longer this weekend.

  • Get that thing fixed, it's going to be a hot one this weekend.

  • So I called the dealer in Panama City and was told that I would have to bring the boat in so they could take pictures of the damaged part to send them to Yamaha to see if it was covered. I did clarify that they needed the boat for this small part that currently isn't even attached and they said yes. Since its at a marina Yamaha won on this situation.

  • You won't need that peice till 2017 Kathy

  • Oliver Brama had been wanting to come visit us