Anybody purchased cheap ebay levers Is it worth getting the more expensive...


Anybody purchased cheap ebay levers? Is it worth getting the more expensive ones?

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  • Love the shorty's, felt weird when I put the stock ones back on. The cheaper eBay ones tend to fade after a while.

  • Just got a big fat no from my old man, looks like pazzo it is!

  • you'll love them. I went with the standard length and I am glad I did. I have pretty big hands and I have had shorties on previous bikes and didn't care for them

  • Try sdi designs not too bad and a mid way point

  • I've had the ebay red shortys on my other bike all season and love them.

  • Probably not something you want to go cheap on. Having the brake lever break off while riding doesn't sound fun

  • I had gold and black SDR levers (fully adjustable and folding) on my old rvf400.

    Came off at 110 with no frame sliders lever hit the road and folded up.

    And they didnt fade either. To my.memory they were about 130 bucks

  • Oh I always wondered why they made folding levers

  • I've gone the cheapo option. They look good, they work, I have no fear of my brake lever just randomly snapping off while i'm riding. In my opinion, I'ts not worth paying more than you need to.

  • ^agreed if they fade they fade buy another pair before you sell if youre fussed lol and still be less out of pocket, if its your first bike you might drop it and fuck 500dollar levers lol youll only get rid in 3 years or when you get your fulls probably lol