Anybody running the standard rear rack with a topbox cus yamaha say no it aint...


Anybody running the standard rear rack with a topbox cus yamaha say no it aint designed to have one on found out just after i had bought one and fitted it.

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  • Apparently it's just Yamaha (guess State side) that are cautious. I' have no concerns at all. Planning to load it reet up.

  • I agree with Mick Rowell as i was in my dealers yesterday asking if the yam rack could take a top box and the mechanic said it could but according to yamaha it can't mixed messages indeed.

  • My dealer at the time said it would be ok. The Bike he had, Yam said the same thing. He has been all over Europe on it fully loaded with no issue. I'm not planning on going lite to Assen.

  • I'm guessing the dealers suggesting that all is well are probably not being very well informed. Personally, I think if you're sensible then you're fine. I'll be getting a box at some point - resisting the temptation at the moment though, purely for asthetics.

  • i have the yam panniers and givi rack fitted, givi supply spacers to keep the panniers straight too 20 mins to fit

  • the only thing i can find that fits this thread is if you look at the fitting instructions on tthe yam panniers it saye you cant have both panniers and a top box fitted at the same time

  • All manufacturer will not recommended to install top and side panniers together for safety reason. However, as long as you do not go at high speed or cornering riding, generally for regular riding is actually alright which I have been doing so for the last 18years.

  • same here ive just been to the Isle of Mann with panniers, 50 ltr topbox, 5 man tent,chair sleeping bag and a tank bag handled it great

  • 180kg max? ..

    Why did they put up an passengerseat than? :D

  • I was told by my dealer when i asked before i bought the bike that it is just to cover Yamaha's Arse if things go wrong and that it should be no problem unless you you decide to ride like a total tool while loaded up, never had a problem with any of my other bikes that have had a topbox.