Anyone convert the belt to chain on their bolt


Anyone convert the belt to chain on their bolt??

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  • Why would anyone want to?

  • I would assume it'll add more hp and accelerate faster.. Just wondering of the outcome of the conversion

  • Hungie the transfer of power would be so minimal on the stock motor you would most likely not be able to tell theres any difference. The only advantage to going to the chain is if you are stunting the bike, it a great upgrade for when the bike is being put under extreme stress... Or for the easy of roadside repair should the chain brake vs the belt... If the two above don't apply then save your money and stay with the belt, it's cleaner, quieter, and almost maintenance free

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Shane I need a chain kit lol

  • Joey Robinson Yes Sir, you do, I have some goodies shipping out to you today ;-)

  • Good luck finding someone to make it. I've looked all over. Gave up already.

  • Nah I already have all the parts lined up. You're just too impatient hahaha.

  • Yessss

  • I was looking a month ago. Haven't looked since. I just bought a 636. You ready to put it on already?

  • No sir. I haven't bought a single piece of i yet still

    Exploring my options with it. Bulletproof cycles want to eliminate the kush drive and swap everything and make a kit. So I may send him my wheel.

  • Badass. Helping bring the Bolt into the stunt world. I'll stick with the 636 until I'm making good money again.

  • I ran across one at a local dealership that had a chain conversion. It's definitely possible.

  • Lol, you've got the wrong bike

  • Here's someone stunt riding a Bolt. It looks like they're still using a belt drive.