Anyone else do rolling burnouts


Anyone else do rolling burnouts ?

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  • It's like saying rossi doesn't respect his r 1 because he thrashes it around d a race course, he can afford too. ;-)

  • Abs knocks breaks strait off, it's save my ass a few times though lol, when your back wheel drifts out about a foot or two knocks the break off less than harf way through that skid

  • Why is your back brake on.. It's not traction control it only kicks in when you brake

  • It cuts of when the back wheel skids lol I'm talking about breaking on a turn abs cuts out the skid, I'm not on about wheel spins now lol

  • Bit yeah why the fuck I use bacj breaks on a turn I dont know.

  • Were taking about a rolling burn out

  • your supposed to use back brake when in a turn as using front brake tries to stand the bike up so you unsettle the front which normally results in a lowside

  • I'm confused I've only been ridding a year on my ybr now I got a yzf r125 with abs what abs doreally

  • anti lock braking system, basically when your heavy braking and front locks up, it prevents the lock which allows you to keep on braking without the risk of it locking up

  • Bikes are toys fuck around on them have fun.

  • Bite your arse if you fuck around too much

  • Mess around, just choose the location wisely

  • No your limits. everyone will crash 1 day just hope its not your last. Ride safe if doing a burnout on a 125 is fun then let em have fun