Anyone else experience rear brake issues My rear brake just packed up felt...


Anyone else experience rear brake issues? My rear brake just packed up, felt like the piston had to be pumped out but it was out! Took it back to the shop and they are 100% stumped! Even replaced the caliper, fluid and everything and still the issue is there

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  • That's interesting. I've not seen any signs of fluid either.. But that's the one bolt I didn't check

  • Could be seals in brake cylinder maybe worn allowing piston to pump out but not make pressure

  • I would think the bikes too new for that, but in all honesty I want to investigate everything mate

  • If a seal is nipped on build up it won't take long to fail . Hope you sort it soon

  • If there's no fluid leakage I'd say master cylinder.

  • I can not see any fluid anywhere. Guess I will wait and see what the shop say

  • Master cylinder or ABS fault.

  • Only time I have an issue is when the bike hasn't been used for a while. The first time of using it again I feel like I have to squeeze it a couple of times to build up pressure

  • Just a suggestion, on my old tracer the rear brake hose was rubbing against the underside of the rear footrest hanger which had an edge that could cut in to the hose, I cut a 5mm thick small piece of rubber and wedged it between the hose and underside on the hanger, worth checking all your tracers for this

  • Thanks for that mate, I'll look into that ASAP