Anyone else have problems with rear L plates snapping off after fitting a tail...

Anyone else have problems with rear L plates snapping off after fitting a tail tidy? I've even tried putting rubber washers in-between the bolts to try and reduce the vibration/bumpiness, but I'm just churning through them!

  • Mine don't they snap because of wheelies instead

  • Only post one so far , and the first one was foam so its understandable

  • Troy

  • Take it off ;)

  • I just trimmed the bottom of it closer to the L so it didn't catch the wheel anymore!

  • If it snaps and leaves part behind your plate still attached then just don't ever put a new one on I've been riding for about a year with one on the front and non on the back and never been pulled or questioned on it and if you do get pulled just play stupid and say you didn't know it had and they always come off you will go home and put one on now common sense would tell the officer that you're not avoiding the L plates as you have one on the front and clearly snap marks behind your plate

  • As he Sed above if they pull u with it snapped they can still be strict and give u the points. What I did was take a part of a plastic inner wing off my old car cut to fit and used a stick on one last the whole year I had my rs.

  • I found a really good foam one once, super bendy and didn't snap. Was perfect as I had the same problem. Could never find another tho after I sold it by accident on one of my bikes! :(

  • Just do what i did. Put a flappy non plastic one. The sticker that should go on the front. Dont peel of the sticky bit on the reverse. Make some holes. Put the bolts on and it will never break off. Lasted me a year. Till i pass my test. No need for it anymore

  • Also if you have a snapped plastic part left over. Use it to press the sticker on the reverse of the number plate before putting bolts on.