Anyone else here use Sedici riding gear


Anyone else here use Sedici riding gear

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  • I daily Sedici Laguna boots. Not super comfy for walking around but great feel and armor on the bike. I've had Sedici gloves and they aren't bad but wearing A* in warm weather and First Gear iirc for cold.

  • So far all my racing gear is Sedici and my daily I just got another pair of Sedici race gloves and pair of rapid boots

  • Never heard of it. I'm hooked on dainese

  • Sedici and Bilt are the cheapo Cycle Gear brands. I got my boots for about $70 on clearance

  • Ohhhh gotcha. My boots were $170 and my jacket was almost $300 for textile

  • The longer I ride the more I skip cheap gear, but my Sedici boots get the job done without dropping $400 like my boys did for Dianese and Spidi

  • My boots are tcx and they are awesome and comfy as hell. But when It comes to jackets, helmets, gloves and pants... I never go cheap. I've learned the hard way that cheap gear isn't always a wise investment.

    ** some cheaper brands are really good though! Like S&S and icon

  • Sedici seems up but bolt is by far junk

  • 300 for textiles?!?!?! Dude. I got my Dainese Leathers for that much.

  • Yea my alpine star textil was less