Anyone else losing anti freeze mine is low about 1 2 cup every 200 miles

Anyone else losing anti-freeze, mine is low about 1/2 cup every 200 miles.

  • There's a seal if dirt gets in there it'll destroy the seal

  • So debris in the coolant will wipe out the water pump seal causing it to leak from the weep Iine?

  • My weep line was full of mud so the crud got in through the line

  • I assume it's changeable from removing the water pump cover.

  • I have had to fill 2 times now this last time I only ran it for 7 hr but I was in a lot of mud --- next project is to move it to the back

  • Stator cover

  • Xmine went at 370 mi had to split motor to change warranty coveredstill weeping k. not as bad yetis

  • I'm thinking about sticking a clear fuel filter on the end of my water pump weep hose. It will keep dirt out but let coolant out if it starting leaking. Sometimes these seals dry out in spots if they haven't been ran frequently, I'd top off the coolant and run it some and see if it leaks there.

  • I ran a vent line from my weep hole line up through my cage with the rest of the vent line. Keeps dirt out and you can tell if it's leaking cause the line is clear

  • To late for me during in line now rear end seal is leaking