Anyone else notice problems after doing the Barnett spring upgrade Got the...


Anyone else notice problems after doing the Barnett spring upgrade? Got the first chance to ride today after installing it.....clutch engagement is waaaaaaayyyy out towards the end of the clutch lever,much further out than with the stock spring, and notice slippage when getting into it.......thought this was supposed to be an improvement over stock? Sigh........

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  • Stock plates, combination of springs, 12,000 mi....the only thing I can think of is that somehow some air got in, and it needs bled.....checked the fluid level and it's not over full in the reservoir. Clutch engagement felt better pre upgrade. Did the upgrade due to slipping the stock clutch, plates appeared to be ok

  • My first thought was air, but couldn't figure out how it would get in there to begin with. I do remember when doing mine I had to re-torque all the bolts in the center of the springs because I didn't go tight enough. I thought I was over tightening them when I actually hadn't even seated them all the way yet. That would certainly cause your problem, can't see how running stock plates with barnett springs would cause a problem.

  • Chad, what did you torque them to? I looked and found 7 ft lbs as a specification, Barnett was more than vague in the paperwork that came with the's strange to me too....clutch engagement isn't until nearly all the way out. Had tried all the heaviest springs and felt too firm to me, so went to half of each. I can't believe air either, as the clutch feels good in regards to the pull honestly grabs worse now than before the upgrade.....

  • I'd check into what Chad says about above. Sounds like that could be it. A friend just did his Raider exactly the same way. Feels different but better.

  • Bolt torque

  • Used Barnett clutch one time never again. Felt weak and had zero lever travel. OEM for me

  • Frank, was that on a Raider as well? On another note, do you still have the widebody Vette? Kinda have a thing for widebody

  • I believe it was about 7lbs. Seems to me the plates aren't being compressed together soon enough or hard enough. If it were mine I would go back in and check to make sure I did everything right, install all the heavy springs and go from there. Maybe there is something about the stock Yamaha plates in combination with the barnett springs? Not sure. When I went back into mine I was able to re-use my gasket. Seems like something is not seated correctly though.

  • Called Barnett today and they mentioned the same possibility, or that the plate may have shifted and may not be sitting centered on the clutch set. I've talked to people who used the stock clutches with the Barnett spring kit without issue, so I need to dig a little deeper to see what's going on.........the clutch would slip only under heavy throttle, and rarely at that, which is why I wanted to do the upgrade. Worst case, I guess I'm buying a clutch set as