Anyone else s r125 do this

Anyone else's r125 do this?

  • Don't get me wrong it's a nice bike I like it so much

  • course mine is my baby lool

  • Same here

  • I got my in May soon as it came out my dealership said I'm the the very first to get it last month Had accident still waittin on the repair

  • Oh shit hope you are okay

  • Thanks nothing happen ful protection this car jst came out from the side road at night n rain both of my wheels was lock skidded right into him The driver Run over my Front wheel I was still layin down hit n run

  • He's got 6points on his licence n £800 fine

  • there are 2 options

    1-Connection problem cuz of vibration

    2-Battery Amper is not enough when u thorhtling

  • Ziyad Korman if you ok dont worry about bike M8 it can back not u =)

  • Yeah bro thanks I understand