Anyone else thought about placing your wakeboard water ski racks like this


Anyone else thought about placing your wakeboard/water ski racks like this? Easier access to your equipment and makes your boat narrower when trailering, or in a slip!

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  • I had swivel racks so we could get the boards off, when they are like that & boards in you lose a BUNCH of room & I guarantee someone will hit their head

  • I see your point but no one has this summer. When they stand up they are in the center and not on the seats. Plenty of headroom when riding so it has worked great for us!

  • We have a swivel rack that is so convenient

  • Looks like a head ache waiting to happen. I have a swivel so I can clear my lift canopy poles and I still manage to bang my head on It.

  • Swivel racks are where it's at!