Anyone ever had any problems with the front diff slipping on the r spec


Anyone ever had any problems with the front diff slipping on the r-spec? Trying to back out of some thick stuff today in 4wd and thought I'd broken an axle but both axles are fine but wouldn't spin the front tires and made a hell of a grinding sound and wouldn't go into diff lock just kept blinking. Was fine the rest of the day and had no problems in 4wd going forward.

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  • Why would you weld that, if you put full power, especially if your in mud and clutched, to the diff, you'll crack your diff or destroy it

  • Welded it because after the fourth one I put on it got tired of replacing them and that was when I had the stock tires on it

  • So a mistake of knowing how to use it hammering on and breaking it led to you welding it and risking destroying your diff

  • Makes tons of sense

  • Well they are made to weak they're great ideas dont get me wrong but they're to weak. And to each their own. Ive had 30" black mambas 30" monster mayhems and 30" backs on it since havent broke anything in the front diff. Hell broke the torque limiter being winched out of a hole backwards with 25" bighorn 2.0s thats to weak in my opinion. Like I said to each his own.

  • is that in a wolverine or a viking and is the design the same on a 2016 because ive put mine through the paces with the 27in bighorns and no problems

  • hes not talking about the slip joint his diff lock is flashing so its the electronic diff lock. they have a rev limiter in it so you dont break your gears when it engages

  • A viking and its a 14 design is the same as the old rhinos but with a longer shaft

  • Idk if it's the same on the wolverines

  • almost 3000 miles on my 2014 viking all with 27" motoclaws and no troubles at all, it gets beat on like a red headed step child