Anyone ever use Valvoline 20 50 synthetic motor oil for v twins


Anyone ever use Valvoline 20-50 synthetic motor oil for v-twins?

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  • It works fine. Run in mine , never any problem. Oil formulated for motorcycles doesn't have friction modifiers which will screw up the clutch.

  • I have been running synthetics since my first oil change over 35k mile ago no problem . I just used the valvoline synth last time no noticeable difference

  • Do what you do but synths wont have needed detergents to remove biild.up

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    NO motorcycle oil has the additives. The additives wouldn't hurt any engine but will cause the clutch to slip on engines that the clutch runs in the egine oil such as the V Stars.

  • Do your research. Synthetic is the way to go. I use Amsoil.

  • used semi synthetic 20-50... no problems... but she is in the shop right now so they will be putting whatever recommended oil they have at the dealer.

  • So thats 4 yez its ok and 1 Im not sure I know what Im talking about. THANX guys.

  • i use 15w50 mobile one have since new

  • I use 10-40 valvoline synthetic. Doing fine so.far.

  • I am a firm believer of 20/50 Valvoline in hot rods & muscle cars. I have run it in v-twin's w/o issue, however it gets real stiff in cold temps so I don't run it in any scooter here in Boise thru fall & winter. I prefer to run valvoline v-twinn oil with ER, Energy Release aditive added to it. ER is the shit for scooters and it doesn't affect wet clutches. We all run ER around here in all our scooters .....