Anyone every try putting a set of yfz full nerfs on a warrior If so how much...


Anyone every try putting a set of yfz full nerfs on a warrior. If so how much fabing is involved. I now they make a set but there 320 bucks f**k that. Thatsb the nerfs im talking about in the pic

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  • He sold the nerfs and is running Houser Probouce heel guards, I think Bones off the forum got hem but could be wrong.

  • Ya I talked to Kyle he said there longer if I can fab they will work. Just wondering I can get a set for nothing n my boss is a good welder so im going to try it. Even if I have to cut the ones I got on my warrior now that bolt to the pegs

  • I put a set on my Raptor 350 when I had it. I had to cut about 2" out of the center to shorten them up and my tires still rubbed till I put some +2 +1 arms on it. 50_04.html

  • I seen a set on eBay for like 60.00 bucks. They bolt right on.

  • My set now rubs to but am getting a arms soon. N chance I think ur thinking of a set that bolt to the stock pegs im talking about the ones that have pegs n heal guards on them to

  • Yup your right I'm sorry

  • I wouldn't have thought the spacing would be much different between the two styles but maybe it is.

  • I wanted them as well, just did not want to spend the $$$ so i took reg nerfs, raptor 350 pegs, and then modded the stock heel guards off a YZF450 to work, they are awesome, the heel guards have a full metal skeleton behind them so they can support weight , protects my feet, and really does a great job to stop mud fling

  • Ya that's what I was going to do but figure ill try the full set.

  • I can't wait to smash them stock heel guard with a sledge I freaking hate them warrior ones