Anyone had timing chain issues

Anyone had timing chain issues?

  • 105 hrs 2014 fx svho no problems yet.

    Supercharger Clutch was slipping... Replaced it with help of awesome Greenhulk thread

  • 2015 FZR chain went at 40 hours. 5 miles out into lake Huron. Had to constantly keep in touch with the dealership and corporate to get the rebuild done in about 4 weeks.

  • Did you go another OEM clutch? Or aftermarket?

  • he went OEM clutch, aftermarket one came out right after OEM one was purchased

  • Will likely go aftermarket if the clutch goes again without getting 80-100 hrs out of it.

  • Fzs 2014 65hrs no probs. Many jumps, many long ride... the chain inspection seems very easy tho

  • 2015 FZR 67hrs, no issues.

  • 130h fx svho 2014 no probs

  • 86hr on my FX SVHO 2015 no problem yet

  • 2015 FX SVHO, 65 hours, no problems

  • No problems yet thank God.

  • Should I do the upgrade since I don't have any close delear authorized in Puerto Rico o should I just use it and f***k it?