Anyone have a suggestion for an in home battery charger It s a deep cycle...


Anyone have a suggestion for an in home battery charger? It's a deep cycle interstate from my 2014 AR192. Took the battery out and stored over winter, but only enough juice to turn on lights and blower today, won't turn over.

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  • You'll need to have it out on an analyzer that runs a full diagnostic. We use the midtronics gr8, it's going to be 50/50 whether it an be saved or not.

  • I have a battery tender that is 25 years old and works like a dream. My 2014 SX 190 fires over like a champ after the winter. Also take advantage of the volt meter built into your lcd display to see your resting voltage and how its charging while underway, consult your manual if your not aware of this feature

  • I put a minnkota charger permanently in the boat. Just run an extension cord to it. For your battery have it tested to see if it can charge at auto zone or O'Reilly.

  • All you will need is what Stoney posted above.... I've got them for 2 skis and my boat.....

  • I only use the battery tender when I store the battery in my garage over the winter. I never have a problem with the boat's electricals, but perhaps the tender will add life to the battery if I use it during the Summer months? Opinions?

  • Nah if you run it enough you shouldn't need to tend it in the summer.

  • Thanks Jack

  • Never a bad idea to keep your battery on a tender. Dead on the water is not fun.

  • After running the skis and the boat I put them on right after. 24/7.... It gives me comfort to see the Green light on the charger prior to heading out to launch.....

  • I keep everything topped off with a lot of start/stops and no wake sections I don't count on the stator to get the battery topped off, then again with 3 amps on board one of the batteries will always have to be charged after use.