Anyone have any lower than stock handlebars for sale before I have to pay silly...


Anyone have any lower-than-stock handlebars for sale, before I have to pay silly prices on eBay...?

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  • I got standards and highway hawk drag bars

  • What are the hawk drag bars like, a slight rise to them or just flat?

  • flat

  • Took these highway hawk ones off mine before i sold her - in my storage unit somewhere if any interest? Also got custom leather bags, hard pannier set, side number plate mount, forward controls & couple of sissy bars!

  • Westland customs in Holland are excellent

  • Those are exactly what I'm after, is that yours?

  • Yep.. they are on ebay..flat track bars

  • Those are the ones I'm watching on eBay at the min!

    About £33 or thereabouts?

  • Yeah great price..and I didn't have to sand back any powder coating to fit the controls as I have done with the last 2 pairs I had custom made for over double the price.

    Very happy with them