Anyone have clipons like this If so how do you like them and does it change...


Anyone have clipons like this? If so how do you like them and does it change handling of the bike at all?

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  • I'm wanting some for mine did you all lower the back too?

  • nah mine isnt lowered. where u from.

  • Kentucky lol

  • oh ok was gonna say if u were in aus i wouldve sold u mine hahha

  • Damn I think I want the risers

  • Love mine, wouldn't own the bike without them

  • I had some clip ons on my 1st fz6r .. Woodcraft .. With 1.5 rise and handles better to me. I'm gonna get these for my new fz6r..Look at this on eBay: id=190983569386

    1 Pair 41mm Grey Clip On Handlebar For Kawasaki NINJA ZX1000 EX650R ZX600R ZX600

  • Personal preference. I like them because they're set up just like my last ride. Personally - I think the ones in the picture look ridiculous as do any with serious risers on them. If you plan to do insanely long rides you won't find them as comfortable. It's hard to say/imagine they make a difference in handling. They turn the forks just like the stock ones (and any others) do. If you're more comfortable riding with clip-ons, you'll probably feel like it handles better. Just my 2c.

  • Oliver Davey what kind do you have? Pics?

  • I have the ones from Apex Manufacturing, LLC. I just browsed through what pics I have and my helmet is sitting on top of them in them all lol. I'll snap one for you tomorrow.