Anyone have dg pipe on 83 it250k. Looking for jetting hints. thanks

Anyone have dg pipe on 83 it250k? Looking for jetting hints.thanks

  • Clymer says 40 pilot 380 main yam shop says 50 pilot 390 main.removed air box lid,answer silencer,moose reed lock.motor very sluggish in middle.gonna readjust timing before swapping jets.

  • Up one or two on the pilot and I went up three on the main, and had to get a different needle... I bought like 4 sizes up one both pilot and main and I can't remember how I started figuring the needle, The original needle was weird,,,

  • Wow,, those jet sizes are what I'm running in my 79 400.

  • Gonna check my spare jets then order what don't have.just built bike been many years since last it.really put a smile on my face riding the old girl.

  • When you get that jetting right you will smile again or cringe in fear one. That DG pipe makes the pony run wild. Scared the crap outta me. I had a 4th to 5th bog,,, gone,,, just trenches now, I couldn't find a IT pipe and wound up installing a YZ pipe out of desperation. The old Yammer pipe was cracked up so bad that it was not ridable.

  • yes.... stock works fine , crisp off the bottom, punchy in the middle and rips up the top...needle clip in the middle

  • 3/4 to top is scary but bottom slow and mid flat.suprised me a little when power really came on.

  • 3/4 to top means your main jet is spot on....try changing clip on the needle down a notch to make it richer to see if that makes a diff....or the other way if it makes it worse...

  • Thinking wrong needle in carb.has not for aircraft use sticker on float carb has been installed in its past.gonna check my spare yz carb hopefully has needle I need.

  • ok so this fault was there before the pipe was fitted, check what number slide its running also