Anyone have some info about Reaper tips I d like my raider to be louder and...


Anyone have some info about Reaper tips? I'd like my raider to be louder and don't want to spend all the money on a new exhaust system.

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  • AFAIK they're not made anymore.

  • Just cut it with a swazall

  • I cut 2in. Off mine and pull the baffles out.

  • That's what I did. Had a muffler shop chop my exhaust and pull the baffles

  • How much does that cost and does it sound good?

  • Man, I've been to 3-4 muffler shops and they all tell me they don't have a saw fine enough to do it. Bastages.

  • Place I went to made custom exhausts. Sucks man, it sounds almost too loud but then again I only have 60 percent of my hearing.

  • Cost me $30 bucks. Sounds mean

  • One of the places I went to was a custom shop, but they have done jobs for people like Arnold Schwarzenegger so they were too snooty to stoop down to the level of a simple chop. That and they refuse to touch motorcycles as well.

  • I took it off myself and took just the part to a shop. Maybe go to fabricator shop?

  • I haven't been able to locate a hole in the wall fabricator yet. I did call one shop, but they quoted me, and I shit you not, $400 just to cut the pipe.

  • Holy shit! That's insane! Well I'm gonna trade mine in this week to buy my wife a car. If you want we could swap exhausts.

  • Where you be is?

  • I'm in San diego. Not sure what shipping would be though. I just can't believe no one will do one damn chop

  • I'm in what is trying to be a rapidly upscaling section of the overall metroplex, and many of the shops are trying to put forth a high end clientele feel so they blow off the everyday man. I've found the old school shops for several things so far, and the take care of me like one would expect, I just haven't found a muffler shop or fabricator that is like that yet.

  • If you call around, the shop only needs a scroll saw that can cut steel. That's what the guy used to cut my exhaust. He literally put tape over where I wanted the cut, cut it off and deburred the edge by hand with a small file. No more than 10 mins

  • I may try that, thanks.

  • Went to Lowes bought the longest steel blade they had and just cut the damb thing.

  • I went to the local steel mill and asked them to cut 6 inches off and they charged me $25