Anyone have some leaking in their saddlebags when it rains Been trying to get...


Anyone have some leaking in their saddlebags when it rains? Been trying to get mine fixed for a year and I keep being told its normal by both Yamaha corporate phone numbers and the customer number and two different dealerships. It's enough that I have to use a towel to wring it out and it can get water on the iPod cable. Two dealerships have replaced the seals with no change.

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  • Yeah that's what I've said. But still no luck :/. Very frustrating.

  • I'm pushing the issue more even tho they are trying to say it's fine as is. Hopefully I can get it fixed

  • What's 'rain'?

  • not normal. never had this issue even under heavy rain

  • haven't tried rain, just snow.

  • Nor a solution, but a 1/8" hole at the low spot of each bag? Ya I know.........

  • Its unfortunate the dealer wont fix what should be a warranty issue, at no cost to his shop. poor after sales service for sure. have you tried contacting Yamaha by email?

  • Two dealers have ordered and changed the seals. No change. I have also spoken with yamaha corporate by phone multiple times, both their dealer number and their customer line. I'm leaving the bike at the shop since it's an hour away and corporate is going to contact a tech and touch base with me next week.

  • Good work. I wish you Luck.

  • James. Good luck with this as I have had the same problem. It seems to me it's leaking around the key/lock hole and not the lid seal. Make sure they tighten the lock assembly. That seemed to fix my problem.