Anyone in Stockholm. and preferably close to Nynäshamn. who got a bulldog


Anyone in Stockholm (and preferably close to Nynäshamn) who got a bulldog?

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  • I have one in Haparanda. Almost in stockholm =)

  • Haha we are almost neighbors

  • Ok☺ I am 188cm in hight and I have a perfect riding position.

  • My sweet wife reminded me that buying a motorcykle might not be the best idea right now. Lincense not taken, nowhere to store the bike during winter and a upcoming education in the souther part of sweden for me. The whole summer will pass before you will have a chance to use it.

    Well thank you dear for ruining the last hope of ever riding a motorcykle this year lol.

  • Ok, you can find here 100+ peoples that will ruin your wife's thoughts ))) guys, lets help Pontus Eriksson :D

  • Haha that sounds nice

  • Get the license first, like this you wont be tempted to get the bike on the road ilegally.

  • Yeah this is where i will end up in the end. I could get a vike before the license and use it for practice with help from my friend at work who got the license. But then again i wont be able to practice whenever i want to cause i need someone who follows me.

  • On this website you can get some idea for your height and riding position. It's not real but it's quite accurate.

  • I agree , get the license first. You will then have no excuse to not get the dog!

  • Stamatis Vlassopoulos thats one of the reasons i could use the bike this summer