Anyone in wales of near wales

Anyone in wales of near wales ?

  • haha sorry I didnt know joking around wasn't aloud.

  • also I think most the hate comes from our interventionist foreign policy.

  • It ok Mike Kristin, And Kevin Brown, im not into guns at all but if u feel the need to have a 45 pistol and i assume an ar15 is either an assault rifle, or a bazzooka u carry on chap. im just here for the bikes !!! ive even stopped buying the Horse as it turning into a gun magazine now, no offence people but i buy a magazine to look at bikes and the occasional hot chick not a machine gun, Anyway a very happy new year to one all, all over the world !!

  • happy holidays! and an ar15 I'd a defense rifle there is no such thing as an assault rifle and here's a bike to make you smile

  • Ta budd, stay safe man enjoy your holiday !

  • How about those Swans Darren Bartlett?

  • good god the world is small place isnt it, if u guys wanna see some very neat chops on allsorts of bikes, have a look at Glanets radical customs page on here, they are doing amazing stuff, with small cube engines 125, 100, and 200, and 50 and 90 step throughs and my mates page over here in the uk, camp hilllchop shop, u will i think really like the bikes they are doing, u guys in the states have a bigger and better market of bikes to build as u had millions of smaller engined bikes we didnt get in europe !!

  • Try australia Darren Bartlett! I live I a city of under 2 million and the nearest city is 2000km away!

  • Ldn