Anyone installed a radar detector I have been thinking about getting one but...

Anyone installed a radar detector? I have been thinking about getting one but unsure how stealth it could be on a bike.

  • Only in WA and is why I asked for stealth!

  • Thanks Iain!

  • If you are keen, look into the diode type laser jammers. They are easy to hide and jam all current laser devices used in Oz. Just be aware they are not the be all and end all but they do work ;)

  • Not sure about cops your way, but here they now have the technology to detect most of them, even the "radar detector - detectors" that block their equipment. my bf got pulled over for having one, he wasn't speeding but the cop detected that he had it, pulled him over and asked for it because he knew he had it lol. Big fine and points and they took it. They are illegal here, you cant even buy them here, his friend bought them in the States and brought them back in his luggage from vacation lol so be careful if you decide to get one

  • They have RDD in Oz too but not that common. Mainly in the proper highway patrol cars. The stealth ones work (invisible to RDD) but do you own research before any purchase. I know a decent amount about them and have done some real tests.

  • Humm, pretty shocked to read they still use radar guns in, apparently, many areas of world... in Georgia (guess we speed more? ), they upgraded most police to laser no more use of radar detectors though they do make that super expensive system that is suppose to block laser and radar.. wonder if they have one for motorcycles.. hmm google.

  • Brice T they use laser here also. He got caught by the OPP on the highway driving back home from Ontario. Never got caught here with it. He was pretty pissed about it lol but I guess its illegal so just gotta suck it up and take the hit lol

  • haah that stinks the big one!

  • Cops now can detect exactly what vehicle has a jammer and by the time a radar detector goes off they already have you clocked. My uncle is a deputy and has shown me all of the equipment. It's pointless where I live

  • Thats where a laser jammer comes in to play ;)