Anyone know a good comfortable seat other then mustang I was looking at...


Anyone know a good comfortable seat other then mustang. I was looking at getting a saddlemen seat but not sure?

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  • 650 classic

  • Oh ok I have a 1300. I have it for sale as we speak my modified stock seat

  • I at one point almost sold my bike, I was having to many issues with it but they turned out to be minor things, thank God cause I think I would gone nuts without it.

  • I love a corbin but the price is crazy high.

  • I still ride my stock seat. Cut down and gel added of course

  • What kind of gel was used and where do u get raw gel from.

  • I had a yamaha with a corbin seat and I loved it but it cost $1100 when I built it on their website. That's crazy overpriced.

  • I have a friend who has a Valkyrie and he payed about the same for his seat. That is almost half of what I payed for the bike itself!!!!!

  • I done my seat over 3 years ago. Don't remember where I purchased Gel insert. I do remember that I found it thru a Google search. Several you-tube videos on cutting down. I removed the skin and froze the base and foam section. Cut down with grinder then used die grinder to cut out section for gel pad.

  • I like the stock seat it's very comfortable

  • The stock seat just sat way to high for me and it was very flat. I think im just going to buy a new seat instead of trying to customize the stock one again.

  • Sean check out I would not trade mine for anything.