Anyone know of any rear set setups that work on this bike Took it to the track...

Anyone know of any rear set setups that work on this bike? Took it to the track this weekend and scraped the pegs all day long

  • I see alot of Valtor Moto for the 6R. Never tried them so, can't say much. But you can try to look up peoples reviews.

  • Valtermoto is pretty much the only company that made rearsets for our bikes. They are on "sale" because its being discontinued. I did the r6 rearset mod

  • is that the correct one?

  • Yeah, also look at the 1.5, cheaper and still get the job done

  • Did you ever track prior to having them?

  • Just curious how these feel and much higher up they get your feet

  • Yeah i did a couple track days with a stock fz6r, you just can't get proper body position, the pegs are too low and too far forward, the stock handlebars are also too high. I got adjustable rearsets so i could set them where I like

  • yea i did the clip on conversion and lowered the front a little so i was able to get my upper body where i wanted but every time i tried to lean id scrape. granted i still have the curb feelers on there so that would be a few more degrees but theres still like a cm of the tire that didn't get touched cause i couldn't lean it enough. my coach said to look into rear sets.

  • Ever think about a track bike, i was taking the fz to limit at the track, just did barber this weekend with my r1 track bike, and it was amazing how different it felt

  • Yea i absolutely eventually want to upgrade, but I'm putting myself through college so this is where I'm at right now lol plus I really have so much to learn and work on first that this bike will do for now. Got a really good deal on this bike so making it work ahahha

  • I feel ya, glad I started on fz too. After you wrestle this bike around, you can ride anything. Also get some frame sliders if you don't have them already. I crashed at the track two months ago, and still putting the fz back together

  • frame sliders are tricky to find for this bike though too, aren't they?

  • and yea never realized how difficult this bike was to lean and maneuver till i rode a gszr750 the other day and it was a world of a difference.

  • Not really, another lady has our bike with frame sliders, and she goes to the track with us, they have saved her bike three times now. I can find out what kind she has

  • yea if you could i'd appreciate it.

  • T Rex on the frame sliders. Instead of lowering my bike I kept it stock height changed my bars to fz 1 bars. When you lowered your bike you actually brought the pegs closer to the ground hence it's easier to grind em. All the instructors at the track always encourage me to get more of my body off the bike. They say using your body to offset the bike allows you to lean less. Therefore allowing you more stabilization in the corners with = more speed.

  • Yea trust me I was off the bike. Honestly didn't put two and two together that lowering it brought the pegs closer though lol

  • She isn't sure which frame sliders were installed, they were put on by the dealership, they look like shogun to me. T-rex are good, my friends with s1000rrs use them