• Anyone know the difference

    Anyone know the difference?

    • I'm not sure on that but if you look at your VIN # the tenth number or letter tells you what year it is

    • If it's 1 to 6 that would be in the 2ks models I'll have to look at the chart for the 90s model

    • I didn't think the motor changed

    • So if there is a 2 it would be 2002

    • I don't either but I would go with the right year that is says just to be safe it could be .01 off and mess something up

    • Thanks on that chart needed it myself

    • All this talk about transmission bearings which im tearing my sons down now. I figured id better check my year also. Ha

    • Can someone give me a clear answer?

    • Read your VIN # the 10th digit tells you the year then order stock parts for your year model if its a 97 don't use 98 parts I guess they did something different in the transmission since the bearing kit is for models 98-06 find the kit for 88-97 stock is always easier on the engine less stress if you want to maintain it and keep it going strong for a long time when you start modding you are putting more stress on the motor but yes there has to be a difference in the kits for different models but "stock kit for your year model" don't use the hot rods use the stock ones that are complient with your model