Anyone know were to get a set of these bars


Anyone know were to get a set of these bars??

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  • They come in both dimpled & otherwise. Shane is the right guy for customization.

  • Are those the dimpled or non dimpled version and do you need to extend cables? It looks freaking sick

  • Geoff Hall get non dimpled.

  • Thanks

  • they kinda resemble mine cause it looks like they curve if you had a better pic mine also have speed holes and was stupid cheap and have no regrets on buying them

  • They look like Biltwell Frisco bars. About 90 bucks

  • i just looked and cant find mine on amazon anymore i guess they arent available on there anymore but are nice ones for 35 bucks LOL

  • That is my bike

  • I found the pic on the Internet. We're did u get yr bars and do the pop right on?

  • Shame .. I'm in the UK

    ..just sat gathering dust

  • Hi im in the uk. How much and do they work with the stock cables. Cheers.

  • Never been fitted ... a re rout of cables and should fit .. don't know

    Honestly I put a lower version on.