Anyone know what sort of milage valve clearances should be checked Im up to 7...

Anyone know what sort of milage valve clearances should be checked? Im up to 7,000 miles now

  • Replace what needs doing and do the things it need doing.. Refer to your log book

  • Fill in the dates you did the service and staple all your receipts to it

  • How long you had the bike Daniel Boswell

  • Mine is a year old

  • Yeah

  • What's the scorpion like man, planning to get the exact same exhaust system? I've already put on a tail tidy and crash protectors so far. Exhaust system, levers and tinted screen next...

  • It's an exhaust mate just sounds better an looks better really doesn't do nothing other than that so ignore what people say about oh you go quicker or nout

  • Fair enough man, d'you ride with or without the baffle?

  • I've road with the baffle and without the baffle... It's the same speed just deeper noise with the baffle out

  • Awesome, found the full system for £380 on ebay - not cheap! haha

  • Nah it's not mate lol

  • Daniel Boswell just oil, oil filter & spark plug what i change every 1,000 miles 'mini service' i done spark plug cap, ht lead, spark plug, air filter, oil filter, oil & chain & sprockets at 6k, just done a coolant & brake fluid change too after 2 years as the bikes 2012 now and bought it on 6k

  • Thanks for the response Adam :)