Anyone managed to do a burnout with the abs model Mine keeps taking the front...


Anyone managed to do a burnout with the abs model? Mine keeps taking the front brake off

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  • Why would you wanna do a burn out on a 125

  • Burnouts are for destroying tyres that are about to be changed...

  • Well done dickhead

  • You blow smoke out of your face, I do mine from my back tyre.

    Which one of us is more homosexual?

  • Blow smoke out of my face

  • Where's your mouth? Oh, it's part of your face.

    Looks like someone failed human biology Year 1

  • Yeah i dont even know how to respond

  • Yes it's possible just put more pressure on the front end but I wouldn't recommend it you will chew through tyres and look like a twat not to mention if you have a stock can you will draw the attention towards you even more because it sounds even worse don't give the bike a worse rep than it already has

  • Yeah lean over your bars put weight on front wheel

    Rev up and dump the clutch