Anyone on here have experience with this seat Its called the Z1R I currently...

Anyone on here have experience with this seat? Its called the Z1R. I currently have the Mustang fastback seat and its not quite what i need, trying to decide between this and the Mustang solo.

  • The solo Springer sucks I got one and about 15 min into a ride is uncomfortable the padding is way too thin

  • Yeah definitely not going that route. Thought about a while back and decided against it!

  • Wish I would have it's a 20% restocking fee to return installed items

  • Love my Corbin.

  • The Corbins look really nice but they just cost too much...

  • For me it was a question of paying $7k for a bike I didn't ride far only because the stock seat wasn't comfortable or spending another $300 and ride the crap out of it. It was the only thing I didn't love about the bike.

    It easily convinced me to save the $300 for the seat. Kind of depends on how you look at it. The looks are a plus and you can have it made to your unique colors and taste for no extra charge. I guess I figured if I could spend $200 on something no better than stock in comfort, I could save up another hundred to get the Corbin. Really, you'd think Yamaha would realize the comfort of the seat matters and make a better one.

  • The color of the bomber leather matches my OD really well.

  • I got the mustang wide solo for Christmas. Couldn't be happier. Spent five hours on my bike with no butt sore.