Anyone riding a 180 series rear tire


Anyone riding a 180 series rear tire?

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  • Just ordered one.

  • Yep it fits nice

  • You perchance have a pic?

  • Any difference from stock?

  • Shoot me a pic when you get it mounted

  • Nope at work at the moment

  • Word

  • It looks nice fits perfectly

  • Definitely. Getting a few things done at the shop. Should look like a different bike.

  • sweet thanks bud

  • Np

  • My Avon cobra 170/70/16R just arrived yesterday

  • Any change in performance and handling with the 180 or 170?

    What about the front tires? Do you change it too to pair with 180 series rear?

  • I don't know about performance wise. I mainly just want to fill this tire gap

  • 180 & yes change front tire to.

  • What size front did you go to?

  • Dan Hardesty 120

  • they have all the answers you can YouTube them they do some cool mod!! For the star bolt

  • After the rear and front tire change jn size do you need to lower down height or should be good to go?

  • First look at the new tire.

  • Good go mark!! It ride great no difference it's just feels like your riding a more aggressive bike

  • Randy Ramos one more question. Since theres gonna be a bit more height hows the ground clearance and lean angle? Any difference

  • Haven't had any lean issue with the bike it's a cruiser so you Gotta be easy on the lien but no issues at all I take those corners Real nice no peg rubs yet!!

  • You just got to do it. skinny 150 couldn't do it you got to jump to the 180 every time you walk away you going to want to break your neck just to turn around and look back at the bike looks bad ass!!

  • What tires are those? Can't read it when I zoom in. Bridgestone I see but not the rest

  • Exedra G722 or something. They came stock on the bike

  • I really like that back tire! Crap, I said I was done with my bike....maybe I'm not! LOL

  • Lol!! Me to

  • Next change is handlebars and mirrors

  • & I'm done !!

  • I'm good with my handlebars and mirrors except would really like the mirrors that have the built-in turn signals....what's the sidewall height of your tire? 180x?

  • 180/65/16

  • What are the exact tire sizes you used for front and rear?

  • 120/70/19 front

  • Rear 180/65/16

  • Yes it looks cool. But what about the handeling? tell us about the difference in handeling

  • Handles pretty good it feels like I'm riding a street bike then a cruiser

  • Is the 180/65/16 roughly the same diameter as the factory tire? Don't want my speedo to be off much

  • Shawn Ferguson don't know !!

  • Randy Ramos what brand tires did you use?

  • Brand metzeler handling is great