Anyone tried shad luggage and if so whaddya think Looking for hard luggage and...


Anyone tried shad luggage and if so whaddya think? Looking for hard luggage and top box for my newly acquired Tracer and really like the look of Shad??

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  • Personally I hate hard panniers as they are very unforgiving if you hit something. Also makes the bike far to wide for filtering. I use a givi top box and a kriega tail pack. Plenty of space for a weekend away.

  • I agree but they are so much easier and I ain't no spring chickin so lugging heavy packs on N off my bike is too much like hard work these days

  • Shad panniers on my tracer. Great. Buy the inner bags and you don't need to lug any heavy panniers around. The frame is not too intrusive without the panniers. Dropped my tracer with the panniers on. Small scratch on one pannier. No damage at all to anything else. So, very solid and well built. Had pouring range in Scotland and not a drop got in. When you buy the panniers you get a spare lock cyclinder so, if you buy a top box, they all work off the same key. I'm really pleased with them and would recommend Shad.

  • Hope you like your new Tracer Mandy. Love mine

  • If i went the hard luggage route I'd go Shad, I went for the Shad soft case rack and a set of Urbano textile panniers 28-38 litre cappactiy and love them

  • Looking good

  • Did you need frame for saddlebags ?

  • Not sure if you need them Bryan think a few folk from group have used these panniers without a side rail, but i got a good deal through Motoblouse on the shad side rails so think was just over the £100 mark for both the panniers and the side racks. Think these are the ones I got ad%20Side%20Bag%20Fitting%20Kit%20for%20adding%20E 48%20Side%20Bags%20to%20a%20Shad%20Top%20Box%20Car rier?gclid=Cj0KEQjwyozABRDtgPTM0taCrKsBEiQATk6xDnn Rc2Rs6Sz6VNh_IDCcl44z-DbEH_5oxfSAalApYFEaAln78P8HA Q

  • Shad 48 top box and 36 Panniers, dogs bullocks

  • Kappa hard side luggage? I have those on my tracer and they r very good and no water leak. Kappa is made by givi.

  • Where did you get the side rails from, as they appear a bit scarce on ebay at the moment, and were they the monokey or monolock?

  • I got monokey side rails KLXR2122 from ebay few months ago.

  • Thanks will have a search for them.

  • They are fine n not as wide as I thought for lane splitting. Awesome cases for Shad

  • Shad top box , BUT European hol last year only packed the minimum bike handled like shite with the weight high up so this years hol gona use a backpack