Anyone use a battery tender solar panel


Anyone use a battery tender solar panel?

I have a 242 2 batteries. Do I need 2 panels or will one charge both batteries? 10 watt or 5 watt?

Is it easy to set up? As for performance will this charge while listening to music, or just while the batteries aren't in use or not fast enough to notice while in use?

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  • No, solar chargers are very slow, taking days to recharge a battery...that is if you have good sun. . Most of the people that I know that have them use them to maintain a full charge untill the following weekend. Think of it this way...If you have a 25 W stereo, it is using power 5 times as fat as the charger can charge, and that is with perfect conditions, angles etc... To do what I think you are trying to do, you will need several hundred watt panels

  • They will charge but very slowly. The new 242 e series has 2 panels on top of the tower for that purpose. More used as a trickle charge. I have a 15 watt that I use for 3 batteries but more for storage and topping off.

  • I'm sticking 3x50w flexible panels to the Bimini. This will give me around 120w peak which will help when I overnight on my 242ls. We won't have the stereo running at max all day and night so I'm expecting these panels to be enough

  • I use them over the winter and have been great. They are slow but they are not intended to jump start. They are intended to maintain your battery over a period of time, like winter. I bought two 5W, one for each battery.

  • I also needed 2 of the extensions depending on how far you place them. redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s01

  • Maybe this is a dumb question but with two batteries if I only buy one panel how does it charge both? Do I need to turn off the battery switch? But keep the parallel switch on? Is it pretty easy?

  • I got for each battery and keep the switch to off position.

  • you position panels near trailer run wire and extension under cover and under seat to battery. They just clamp on battery posts as you would jumper cables.

  • I lay mine on ground propped up with a 2x4 for a slight angle. But you can mount them somewhere or a post if you want.