Anyone used a universal support bracket for saddlebags

Anyone used a universal support bracket for saddlebags?

  • I've use Willie and Max universal mounts on my last 3 bikes. They work with pretty much any bag that has a rigid back. The hardware they come with is kind of hit and miss though, typically the kit will include the correct diameter and thread pitch but the bolts will be to long, nothing a quick trip to the hardware store can't fix. This is a common issue with alot of universal motorcycle accessories.

  • Thanks Carl. I found a set of soft bags cheap and brought them home yesterday. The shocks and reservoir pretty much keep them clear of things, but I want to make sure they will stay where I want them.

  • No problem, the Willie and Max's don't really work well with soft bags. I've used a few set of universal soft bag supports over the years they seem to work well it's all in how you attach the bags to them. It definitely pays to stabilized the bags with supports, less wear and tear on the bags and the finish of the bike from rubbing.

  • I used a universal set for four months. There isn't enough clearance and the bags will be resting on shocks/reservoirs. That said, I had a nice polished mark where the bags were rubbing up against. I advise adding washers and longer bolts to clear the two. Also, if I decide to ever reuse, I will use galvanized or stainless steel bolts, the stock packaged bolts rusted bad enough their not reusable.