apparently I hit something last week. Got a nice long scratch on the bottom


apparently I hit something last week. Got a nice long scratch on the bottom. about 3foot long. through the gelcoat and to the fiberglass, no water permeation.

I have ordered the Gel Coat Patch Paste Repair Kit from iboat.

I will grind out the edges, apply the patch paste and let set. then sand smooth and apply a clear coat.

Am I going about this the right way?

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  • no clear coat, and it would be in your best interest to take a pick to let ppl walk you through it

  • the patch is just to fill the scratch, if it needs more than that you will be spraying gelcoat on after all the sanding

  • and then sand and sand and sand some more....the n buff and buff and buff some more...and when you have it shiny...only then you can wax :) not hard, just takes a bit

  • Kane..I had a similar incident a few years back. My boat bottom is white. I bought a fiberglass bathtub repair kit. It blended extremely well and it's still holding just fine about 5 years later. I have a 2007 ar230 ho. The repair took about two minutes.

  • depends on the scratch...length, and depth...but definitely less crucial to appearance on the bottom. I got my stuff at iboats too. the red I sprayed matched perfectly...the white is actually harder to

  • the repair kit is color matched to the boat.

  • the paste is pretty close, but the gelcoat was dead on

  • Just make sure you cut back the scar really good past the damage to good material. You want to give the patch some new good material to make a solid bond. Take your time and read the directions and you will be fine! One time I had a seadoo boat that was largely held together with patch kits and ptex!

  • I was just told about this kit from my dealer when I asked about fixing my new scratch......please let me know how it turns out