Are the stock tires on the Viking real 2 0 s or a cheaper version made for...


Are the stock tires on the Viking real 2.0 s or a cheaper version made for Yamaha cause I can't see where they say 6 ply anywhere

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  • 2.0's are junk!! Ruined one in less than 20 miles

  • That's what I'm afraid of

  • They are 2 ply front 3 ply rear

    I've got 350 miles on the stockers and they are holding up OK

    If you have the means, replace them

    They are the cheap version

  • I've got 600 miles on my stock tires. Basically 2 years, plan on replacing them after this summer, or may be sooner. Mostly dirt trail riding. Just started plowing with it this winter, so 3 times plowing.

  • Not aggressive but for around the yard or property OK I plow with mine and they grab great in snow and work for the property we have but 30s next so I don't look so wimpy compared to all the characters on here

  • If you go on a lot of rocks they probably won't hold up , but I have 400 miles on mine average trail riding and no issues

  • No big rocks but on the logging roads they use busted up rock for Fill also in our woods riding is a lot of stumps falling down trees and things of that nature

  • No busted up rock but I have hit my fair share of stumps and downed trees etc. def not 6ply but I think they will be fine until you need some , I'm just going to wear mine out before I get some