are there any members froof this group from texas

are there any members froof this group from texas

  • Is froof a noun or a verb?

  • This is what urban dictionary describes "froof" as :) Froof

    When a vagina squirts out a random shot of vaginal fluid at an awkward time.

    Female 1: "Oh no, I think I just froofed!" Female 2: "I can see the wet spot, that sucks!"

  • so it's a verb... :-)

  • Queef before froof? lolol

  • I wonder if froofs are bigger in Texas. I know in the Himilaya mountains there is a small religous cult that practice Froofing .... its basically an exteme form of bungy jumping where the rope is attached to the neck. the monks are known for their saying everytime one jumps "froof his gone". Its used as test on election day, all the canditdates need to froof to prove they are worthy. after thousands of years they are still leaderless but happy. It brought about the saying " the froof proves the pudding". With the elections coming up in the USA a delegation of these monks are planning to visit the US in the hopes off introducing this to the candidates for president to prove their final passage of worthiness to be president. Hilary is apparently supporting them and has told the Republicans and Donald Trump "You first"