As per Phil Chisholm recomendations i backed off the fork preload by 2mm las...


As per Phil Chisholm recomendations i backed off the fork preload by 2mm las night. Even after such a small adjustment I have noticed the difference. The front end was a lot less twitchy but still handled really sharp. I took it up to 130 on that airfield we have all been using and found there was still a speed wobble but not as bad. I'm going to try some further adjustments tonight to see if it's any better.

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  • Nice one Benny. Before you back off any more preload try reducing the damping by a click or two.

  • Will do Phil. Cheers.

    I'm not shy of the spanners but this is the first time I have ever tweaked my own suspension in 16 years. Bit daft but I have always found it to be a black art as there are quite a few veriables. So I'm getting a grip and having a play. Thanks for the advice Phil

  • You're welcome. To be honest we've only got two settings to play with and so it shouldn't be so daunting.

  • Removed all the pre load on the rear shock last night . On the way to work this morning across some bumpy roads the ride was less shock more relaxed. I will back off the rebound to a point where it goes bouncy again and add a click or two back in.

    Rear will then be sorted.

    Front I'm happy with at the mo and I'll not change it until I get some non OE rubber on.

  • Ditto Steve, I'm going back to a similar setting once I get back home this evening. I wound it back up for luggage but my backside is beginning to remind me why I backed it off in the first place.

  • This evening I went out for another A-Mode session. I backed off the rear preload two positions from standard, which was how I had it previously, but also reduced two clicks of damping on the front combined with the 2mm less preload I've been running. I had tried this setting before and put the damping back to standard, but tonight I tried some different roads with some really crappy surfaces. On the brakes over bumps I definately gave more confidence to brake a little harder if needed whilst in corners I felt it needed a tiny nudge of the inside bar to really turn in quick but at the same time felt supremely planted. The rear also squats just a tiny bit on the power, which is no bad thing, and mid-corner power application still felt like I was getting plenty of feedback, if anything it felt like you could take greater liberties with a fist full of early throttle. I like it and I'm gonna stick with these settings as a 14 stone rider - but as they say "your mileage may vary".

  • Benny, another thing that occured to me. I seem to recall someone saying that they were having problems getting the OE fitment Dunlops balanced. Before I took delivery of my bike I had the valve stems replaced to take Garmin tyre pressure sensors and the wheels had to be completely rebalanced and needed quite a lot more weight to be added. I don't know what Yamaha's balancing would be like from the factory but I'd put money on a dealer with a bit of time doing a better job. Might be worth checking it out. Just a thought.

  • Fair one. Not got long left on the front now so will have a new tyre balanced on there by July. Will see if that makes a difference.