As some of you know I own a couple bikes


As some of you know, I own a couple bikes.

As sound comparison, I am posting a vid of each bike:

Here is my FZ6R with modded Airbox & opened up stock exhaust(courtesy of Dan)

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  • I had considered it a while back, but these days I'm really not too fussed.

    Besides, if I want to be obnoxious I just take the end baffles off the XJR's twin exhausts(heh see other video)

  • Ironically, my FZ6R peaks about 95Db at 5000rpm, which is almost over the legal limit regarding Vic EPA legislation.

    With the end caps on, the XJR is slightly quieter than the FZ6R..With them off, it hits 101-103Db =>

    I prefer the discretion of riding a seemingly stock bike, as VicPol & the EPA have a hard-on for bikes with aftermarket exhausts.

  • Loud pipes save lives they should consider that the cunts. Oh right they dont ride lel

  • Yep I do agree with that old adage.

    Before Dan modded my stock exhaust, folks often wouldn't really notice me until I entered their field of vision.

    The day I headed back from his place after he had taken to my exhaust with a chisel & mallet, I noticed the drivers of cars in front of me were turning their heads to identify where the sound was coming from.

    And like I said earlier, the exhaust at 95Db is right at the EPA limit..& most stock bikes are lucky if they exceed 92Db.

    I reckon the Max EPA limit should be a minimum limit for the interests of rider safety.

  • Do you have a pcv or juicebox? Or does the chiseling not affect backpressure enough?

  • And how are u allowed to ride a 1300 on ur ps? Lol

  • Re: opening up the exhaust..I adjusted the Bikes CO settings to compensate for both that & the Airbox mod.

    In Vic, after the first year on P's a P plater on green p's can ride whatever they like

  • Also my FZ6R is not a LAMs bike either.

  • Lucky cunts zzz

  • It's set to change in October next year though.

    Which will be annoying as neither of my bikes are LAMs approved.

    Worst comes to worst, I'll buy a KLR650 for a bit of extra fun till I'm on my fulls.