I was out on her yesterday and she s getting quite hard to shift up from 2nd...


I was out on her yesterday and she's getting quite hard to shift up from 2nd into 3rd so im guessing the new part will cure this ?

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  • Hi Steve, I've had that problem since new on mine, mentioned at 600 mile service last week but mine not in the recall batch :(. Hoping they recall more as spoils a great bike!

  • Ring yamaha direct at woking and ask them,my bikes vin wasnt on any offical recall site/list that I checked but yamaha told me instantly that mine was due the recall,carnt fault them for the help

  • What is the recall for ?

  • shift shaft,affects certain st10's,mt 09's and some Tracers

  • Will do that Steve, better still I'll get my dealer to do it when I go to get rack & top box fitted this week, cheers!

  • Point is phil,my dealer knew nothing about the recall untill I mentioned it to them !! Hench why I rang yamaha direct at woking.

    Thank God for forums,thats where I first heard about it, it was a link from a fella who's also on here that had my VIN down as affected but my dealer insisted I had to wait for the recall letter from yamaha before they'd touch it but they hadn't sent my details to yamaha quickly enough to trigger the recall letter ffs !!!!

  • I haven't had a recall letter. I do find upshifts a bit hit and miss unless I preload. Only had mine 4 weeks though.

  • I have had the letter. But my dealer had not not been informed before me. Im waiting for the parts to come in now.