At least one guy looks cool in this picture


At least one guy looks cool in this picture.

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  • I only see one bike in the picture :).

  • And he gets all the ladies.

  • For the rest of them..... if you want to ride a couch....stay at home!

  • I see one bike and 6 anchors

  • That picture was taken over the summer at our company picnic. Yep I actually work with all those Hardley Ablesons. Lots of fun.

  • Hardly Able to.

  • I don'T understand the picking on other bikes isnt it about the fun you enjoy once riding? Does it really matter on what bike? I to am considdering buying a bike like this .

    Maybe, once old and maybe disable, I don'T care then Just driving straight lines and slowing down for every corner. I don'T care spending my time Just polishing the chrome and going to a local meeting showing of all the polished parts and talking about the past when riding was fun.

  • I'm not picking on other bikes, just the posers on these pieces of over priced agricultural rubbish. Won't greet you when you wave, wouldn't ever consider riding a rice burning Japanese scrap, walk around in clothes that cost more than my FJ and so on and on. Cruiser riders , triumph or suz boulevards are cool but these bunch of posing wankers are just a joke.

  • got you

  • +1 Fred Roosjen

    I have the same mindset and attitude.