At the rate this cold rainy weather is going my bike will get stored sooner...


At the rate this cold rainy weather is going, my bike will get stored sooner than I planned, unless I wear my snow gear out haha. When you guys store your bikes, what do you do, to prep it for storage? Im curious the things people do to theirs?

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  • Thanks Jeff Boswell for the information, not so much as calling me out though lol Honestly I thought like most things you did it all when you go a Oil Change turns out suppose to be every 600 miles, car wash, or heavy rain... so I am likely running metal to metal at this point since I wash it and ride in the rain.. Oh well though can't turn back time only move forward.

    And thanks Chris Dana for the brand.

  • Hey man, you get it. I lube once a week the way I ride. Use SOMETHING or one day we get to read about how broken down your ass is in the middle of nowhere. I'll only call you out if you're being stupid about something..... :-p AND moving on.....

  • jesh two call outs in this morning, killing me.

    But ya its weird my whole family rides (about 20 of us) and no one lubes every ride, lol.

    So when I read that on here, and from you and others its mind blowing

    But on revzilla right now seeing what I can get for 200, if no stands I found this neat redneck pulley and rope system that works on youtube ;p haha

  • For stands check harbor freight too. Saw some cheap ones there a while back.

  • I don't lube every single ride I think personally that's overkill. I do however check my chain before every ride. If it needs lube or tightening etc I'll do it as needed.

  • Lube every ride???? Yeah if you do 600 miles..... lol

  • Thanks Chris Dana

  • Storage? Winter? I'm unfamiliar with those words. Cali foo!!

  • Sta-Bil for the fuel, change oil,lubricate everything, make sure no dirt or mud on anything...(causes rust)