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  • ^^1100 Classic^^. I had one. Used it for a trade in when I got my SCL this year. . Great bike.

  • I took my last pic of it before I went and got my Raider.

  • I had the 2001 1100 Classic too! However, the one in the video looks like a 650, because it only has one front disc rotor.

  • My previous bike was a vstar1100 classic Silverado.

  • I'm sure it is. I didn't look for that. I'm always forgetting they make them in the 650cc.


  • My dad wrecked it. Was on life support for nearly5 months , he's disabled now . Incompkete parapalegic. Broken neck, back in 2,areas, both lungs punctured, all but 2 ribs had multiple breaks, bleeding in brain, hand and ankle breaks, and numerous other things. But he surpassed all diagnosis, like he was unlikely not gonna ever breathe on his own, use/move leg or legs, be able to control his bowel or bladder movements. But he can do all that now 3,years later. Needs came or walker most of time. He just turned 60 in October. But he's happy to be alive and so am I. Sorry for the long story. Thought I'd share more about my Vstars story and history.

  • Don Cantwell lools like something you would be doing lol

  • Oh my goodness Bradley! I'm so sorry about all that. I can't imagine what your dad went through! Glad you still have him. And I hope for a complete recovery for him.

  • Thank you. It's all good now.