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Stay safe ..

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  • When he said I don't care is when he would have taken a dirt nap...old or not I'd knocked his ass out...

  • Sounds like he is drunk too....

  • don't call him stupid, ask if he is drunk? he must be drunk driving so iraticaly. as he said he don't care, maybe it was intentionall ?

    it matters later in the law suit , and and if drunk or even prescription drugs can be an arrest

  • Ya damn right he done it. On purpose....fkn idiot..

  • Durning the summer my gloves have hardened knuckles... He would have lost a few teeth after I was done.

  • I was side swiped last summer. The only think that kept me up was that when he hit me, my passenger peg stuck in the side of his truck. I was lucky because if I would have went down I would have kit a guard rail. After we passed the rail my bike broke free ( thank you Jesus for keeping me up). I told the guy to pull over and he drove off.

  • This is a stupid situation that escalated needlessly. Now you have a girl in the ICU that will never fully recover and an old man that will potentially be charged and convicted of a crime. The biker and his GF are playing victims when they are partly responsible and the old man I'm sure is also playing the victim card when he is also responsible. It didn't have to happen. Both parties are to blame regardless of the outcome. Is the old dude a douche, yep, was the biker acting irresponsibly, yep. Learn from it. You can't take anything for granted when you are on two wheels, especially you have a passenger. The people in other vehicles are actively trying to kill you. Fact.