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I mean, if he was riding a raider that ford fusion would have been miles back.

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  • He does look like he's done lane splitting before. But thr fact he can't out run a ford fushion makes you wonder

  • Looks like the rider hit the cars mirror, and the driver was merely trying to get the riders plate number. ✊

  • After his first attempt I would have been off the bike waiting on him.

  • I agree

  • Fuck that shit. Been there done that

  • Bang, bang!

  • After the third run at my life (on video no less) he would have been chewing on the nose of whatever I was carrying that day. Rider was right to flee first but conflict seemed unavoidable until cager finally gave up.

  • Thats assault with a deadly weapon. My 9mm would have been barking. After the first time.

  • Biker should of pulled over closest crowed area. 2 thousand pounds no match for a motorcycle car will win every time

  • i would have stopped and beat every bit of shit out of him. then call the cops.

  • I wouldn't have risked my life if I was that guy on the bike. Going faster was a bad idea. I would have pulled over and got that scumbag in a choke until he stopped breathing! Man this video has me fuming! No regard for human life......People like the guy in the car should be executed!