Back from a 200 mile ride out The Ermax sports screen cuts the wind noise but...


Back from a 200 mile ride out. The Ermax sports screen cuts the wind noise, but only by about 10% or so. If you are tall (I'm a short ass) it could possibly work for you. I have two more screens to try out when they arrive and will be selling the worst two on here for cheap as chips money, so don't rush out and buy one. I had my phone set up on a gps app, at actual 30 the speedo is reading 28. At actual 40 its reading 37, at actual 50 its reading 46, at actual 60 its reading 55 and at actual 70 its reading 64. You get the picture. Stay safe and shiny side up.

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  • Speedo should be just about spot on these days so long as using standard tyres , my GPS said I'd done 96 miles last week and Speedo said 106 , bit of a difference , think I'll stop next plod i see with a gun and ask , very nicely , about trying it out at different speeds , reckon I know the answer , but I'll ask anyhow ...

  • Look forward to which screen you find better as I'm a short arse also :).

  • Ermax touring is apparently the one to have.

  • 280 miles today..but my mate done 270 on his beemer? I think speedo is way garmin 590 agrees!

  • Speedos always read over, period. A worn tyre will alter the speed that is displayed. No manufacturer wants to be responsible for people speeding. I suspected my speedo was over reading when I was sat at 50 on an average speed camera section of the M1 and was being passed by everything.

    I did also notice today that the knuckle guards are at different heights.

  • Decided to be really anal and have a good look at the Speedo stats , seems the vast majority are around 5 % on the high side straight from the factory , a minority the same on the low side , you can get a GPS gizmo for 120 quid that is guaranteed bang on , don't think I'm that bothered to find out for sure tho , I'll go with the 5 % reckon be safe enough , was surprised that an otherwise stock bike , only had the gearing changed by plus on and minus one was 27 % out on the high side , showing 70 when doing 54

  • Wayne. I put a post up about the hand guards. Could be something to do with the speed wobble?

  • Paul, I have two MT 09 bar weights ordered. I'm taking the guards off as soon as they arrive, I will let you know how I get on.

  • I'm a short ass too at 5'7". What are the other screens you are trying?

  • I have on order the Powerbronze flip screen and the Powerbronze Adventure Sports screen,