Be interesting to know how many members of the group with early FJ s have had...


Be interesting to know how many members of the group with early FJ's have had this problem!

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  • I've been lucky so far on my 1100s but its a known issue (a little heat and caution)

  • I have 1 boldhead disapear while driving. So I still have a little job to do.

  • The 1200 isnt much better . Yes they put A 3RD bolt in but where did they put it ? Up against the head ....DOH . Out of all the fj engines I`ve stripped I would say on a good 3/4 of them that bolt has let go because of the constant up and down in the temp and the shite metal they used for the bolt. I know MANY fj1200 owner that have one missing !!

  • I have one like that, still going ok though

  • Someone can maybe correct me, but I seem to recall taking out the generator's bolts once on one of my two-bolt models, and finding white corrosion and rust on one of the bolt's threads. I think it may have been the bottom bolt. It came out with some difficulty, but bolt and its mating threads were all right.

    I hypothesize that if the lower bolt does corrode enough, that some folks are popping out the threads in the engine case when they ham-fist the bolt's removal. However, I could be completely off base on this, because I don't know if the hole in the engine case is a blind or a through hole. If through, it would be in the oil (but you'd think it would leak or weep past the threads) and not allow corrosion.

    All the threads on the three early two-bolt version FJs that I own are fine. I guess I'm lucky. Also put anti-seize on their threads when I put them back together.

  • I've never had a issue with any of my 1200s in that area, and I strip 8-10 a yr. Most mine are old and wrecked but not many miles either. In NE bike seasons short most bikes don't get a lot of miles on them up here.

    Also Yamaha puts thread lock on one, the lower one I think, but need to go to shop to know for sure.

  • Lots of corrosion there. Be sure to use a very good anti seize grease best not to use copper. More like titanium grease

  • I had that issue with my 1100. Bought myself a long (about 6") drill bit and a set of screw extractors. I did manage to get the bolt out quite easily.

  • I bought new cases off ebay (there was other stuff wrong with them)

    The new ones despite the Vendor assuring me all threads etc were fine had the same issue!

    I managed to extract the broken bolt from the new cases...

  • If the threads are gone u can use helicoils much better as original threads