Because every brand new side by side under 300 miles should have to have a...


Because every brand new side by side under 300 miles should have to have a boost to start it. They can have it back tomorrow.

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  • Contact Rob at JBS he has a video where he fixed his. My dad put pics of his tear down on this sight yesterday

  • Guess I'm lucky. I haven't had any problems

  • Me either..knock on wood

    Other than I do have a slow anti freeze leak.

  • Dealership called me today, spring was missing and they tore things down more and actually found it. Just waiting for parts

  • Ryan Pregler ask them where the spring was, they are the first one to find it.

  • I will, I thought he said the right side of the motor. Told him he was the first and he said it took a while to find

  • I talked to a dealer today in my outer area. The dealer said Yamaha is not claiming there's a problem with the decompression spring but he just repaired one and upon tear down he found the spring in the bottom end of the motor. The engine has to be removed and the side cover take it off, the mechanic claims the spring was laying in the bottom end of the motor. They did find the spring but they did not find the little end and that broke off. The dealership claims the Kodiak grizzly in the Wolverine the 2016 models all have this decompression spring. He says that he would change out the spring before it breaks and falls down into the engine as it is quite an easy fix in putting the spring on but not to retrieve the Old Spring.

  • The funny thing the dealer said the Springs were on backorder and he called the Yamaha parts department Direct and the guy and parts told him he had tons of Springs. So it makes you wonder if they know there's a problem and redesigning these things or checking into a possible fly into a certain batch of them

  • Sorry, I'm late to the party.

    Is this limited to the Wolverines or does it affect Vikings as well?

  • Pretty sure it's just the wolverine or anything with the 708

  • Thanks